Make your room come to life with the right window treatments. Shutters and window blinds control how light enters into your room, and how you see out into the world. They are also an important part of your home decor.


Don't settle for anything less than stellar quality when choosing a window treatment store or shutter repair. Dick's Metro Flooring has a large selection of window treatments to choose from. We also give  flooring, carpeting, radiator enclosures, and more.

First-rate window treatment services

Whether you live in an apartment building or a rental space, or you own a residential or commercial property, we'll take time to understand your unique needs and constraints. Wooden blinds and shutters are an effective solution to insulate, regulate and block light, and add a great aesthetic touch to your rooms.


You'll get nothing but exceptional products and servies at affordable rates from us. For more information, please visit our showroom or call us.

We'll work with you to get you what you need

We offer installation and repair services within Minneapolis, MN area.

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